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Grantmaking Information

James H. Napier Foundation
2024 Grantmaking Priorities

Mission:  The James H. Napier Foundation is committed to helping non-profit organizations meet the existing and emerging needs of children, youth and families living in Meriden and Wallingford, CT.

Vision:  The James H. Napier Foundation is committed to:

  •  Making a meaningful difference in the lives of children, families, individuals, and neighborhoods in Meriden and Wallingford.
  •  Assisting children and families overcome poverty and systemic disadvantage.  
  •  Maintaining an active, engaged Board of Trustees with members whose values align with the Foundation's mission and priorities.
  •  Being a partner with other funders and non-profit organizations that support the Meriden and Wallingford communities.

Grantmaking Strategies:

1. Provide support to healthy and viable organizations that:

  • Demonstrate strong and effective leadership and management;
  • Operate according to a clear and current strategic plan which identifies capacity needs, sustainability and future goals;
  • Do not duplicate existing services but collaborate with other organizations, when and where appropriate;
  • Can demonstrate that the grant funding will have an immediate impact and also have a longer-term benefit to the organization and its beneficiaries;
  • Can demonstrate that the grant funding (if designed to fill a gap created by state budget cuts) will make a significant difference for the organization, its beneficiaries and its promotion of long-term organizational sustainability.

2. Increase emphasis on prevention:

  • Support programs that invest early, address root causes, and help to prevent problems from occurring or becoming more pronounced and costly to address in the future.

Grant Cycles and Deadlines:  The Foundation will award grants three times per calendar year.  Please note that the Foundation no longer has a July/August grant deadline.  

2023 Grant Deadlines Grant Review Committee meets Announcement of funding
January 10, 2024 January 2024 February 2024
April 10, 2024 April 2024 May 2024
October 10, 2024 October 2024 October 2024

Grant Categories:
1. Capacity-Building - Grants aimed at strengthening an organization’s infrastructure, management and governance to include but not limited to assessment of management and governance systems; development of a data collection or evaluation system; strategic planning, board/staff development; fund development; succession planning; mergers and/or restructuring; and technology upgrades.  

2. Children and Youth Services - Grants for children and youth that focus on childhood development, arts, culture, leadership and life skills training, mentoring and recreation.

3. Basic Human Needs - Grants to provide food, clothing, emergency shelter and other needed resources that seek to prevent homelessness, build independent living and support self-sufficiency.   

4. Education - Grants for pre-K children through adults to support adult literacy and training, after-school educational programs, early childhood programs, family literacy, and family support programs.

Grant Type:  An organization may apply for one (1) grant per calendar year.  If your organization has received a recent grant, a final report must be submitted prior to the submission of a grant application.  Types of grants are as follows:

Program:  supports a specific ongoing long-term program that is tied to concrete goals, objectives and measurable outcomes.

General Operating:  supports an organization’s overall activities, including administrative and operating expenses.

Grant making specifics:  

  • 501(c)(3) organizations must serve the Meriden and Wallingford, CT communities.
  • Faith-based organizations may apply, but their proposals will only be considered if:  1.) services benefit all, regardless of religion; 2.) services provided are not religious in nature; and 3.) there is no proselytizing associated with the services.
  • Civic organizations (proposals must be project-based and of a charitable nature, and the organization must have a fiscal agent that is a 501(c)(3).  
  • The foundation does not fund fundraising events and/or one-time/one-day special events.

The seven (7) factors we consider when reviewing proposals:
1. Response to a Need in the Community - Does the proposed project aim to meet a specific need in the community? Perhaps it “plugs a hole” for a population or provides a service that has been overlooked in the past. If so, what is the need and how do you know there is a need?

2. Prevention Approach – Is the proposed project focused on a community issue or will it support activities and methods which seek to reduce or deter specific problems, protect the current state of well-being and/or promote positive assets, outcomes and behaviors for Meriden and/or Wallingford children, youth and families?

3. Outcome-Focused - Does the proposed project have well-defined outcome measures that will assess the benefit of the organization’s activities on participants or the community at large? Please define the project’s desired outcomes and how and when the outcomes will be measured.    

4. Innovative Approach - New models and approaches to community needs are encouraged. The Foundation values submissions from organizations that are seeking seed funding to start a project or program that meets existing or emerging needs. The Foundation also values proposals that act as a catalyst for future activity in meeting a community need.

5. Collaboration - The Foundation receives many proposals for similar purposes, and it’s often difficult to know why multiple proposals exist and who is best equipped to receive funding. The Foundation appreciates the ability of organizations to work together and to share resources towards a common goal.  

6. Capacity Building - Does the proposal help to build long-term capacity (skills and/or resources) within the community and/or within an existing organization

7. Leveraging Resources - The Foundation appreciates that its funding will help to secure matching funds or challenge grants and that other funders have been approached.  It is our hope that the Foundation’s funding will attract future funding and/or other resources.

Please contact Sarah Bourdon, Foundation Administrator, with any questions and to discuss your application BEFORE submission.  A grant application will not be accepted unless you have received approval prior to submission from the Foundation Administrator. For returning grantees, a final report must be on file prior to submitting a new application.

Contact information is:  Please allow 24 hours for a response.  Thank you.

James H. Napier Foundation
35 Pleasant Street, Suite 1E
Meriden, CT 06450